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River Notes Archive

(Links and other information are historical in nature and may no longer be correct. Products referenced in the archives may no longer be available. References to products on sale do not apply.)


June 2012  
May 2013
Flow on the Upper drops below 500 cfs. Lower Kern expected to have much lower than normal flows.
April 2013
Low water but great weather for the 49th Kern River Festival. Brush Creek cancelled. Participants enjoy Hooligan, Triathlon, SUP and Slalom events. COE hourly flow on Upper Kern peaks at 7:00 pm on April 30th at 1087 cfs and stage of 6.42
March 2013
March 21 flow at Kernville is 492 cfs.
February 2013
February 1 Sierra Snow Course measurements put Kern River basin at about 86% of normal for the date. Dennis Veale, Art Jacklin, Tobin Spencer, along with help from Kernville resident/ retired cowboy turned boater Jim Neukirschner polished up their old Hooligan boats and put together an awesome float for the Whiskey Flats Parade.
January 2013
Neutral ENSO conditions persist.


December 2012
Over a 5-day period ending Monday morning stations in Northern and Central California recorded double-digit precipitation totals with several stations recording rainfall amounts in excess of 15 inches. Several Sierra stations near 50% of their normal seasonal total. Charlotte Lake, a few miles north of the Kings-Kern Divide is now at 46% of the normal April 1 total. The Sesame Snow Study Site at 9,000' on Mammoth Mountain recorded over 9 inches of mixed rain and snow. Dec. 27 California Cooperative Snow Surveys reports South Section Sierra at 144% of normal!
November 2012
Heavy precipitation, with the possibility of back-to-back Atmospheric River (AR) events, is forecast for Northern & Central California over the next few days. The HPC 5-Day Quantitative Precipitation Forecast is calling for precipitation amounts up to 14 inches in Northern California.
October 2012
Reflecting the likelihood of Neutral or weak El Nino conditions, the Climate Prediction Center's updated Precipitation Outlook for December, January and February (released October 18) continues to call for an equal chance of above normal, normal, or below normal precipitation in Southern California, but now indicates a higher probability of below normal precipitation in the northern half of the state. Sierra South Kayak Instructor Shannon Finch attends the Jackson Dealer Summit in Rock Island Tennessee
September 2012
Although El Nino like SST conditions developed in the equatorial Pacific in July and persisted in August, the atmospheric component (AAM) did not follow suit and this has impaired El Nino development. This was reflected by a drop in the Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) value for July/August and a drop in SST Anomaly in Nino Region 3.4, both key ENSO indicators.
August 2012
Tube the Kern!
July 2012
Kernville local and past Olympian Eric Giddens is doing the Canoe/Kayak expert commentary for NBC for both the Slalom and Sprint events at the London Olympics.
June 2012
June 1 flow on the Upper is 676 cfs and on Lower 1141 cfs. Competing in the Cardiff Slalom World Cup in Cardiff, Wales this past weekend Scott Parsons (K-1), Caroline Queen (K-1), Casey Eichfeld (C-1), and Eric Hurd & Jeff Larimer (C-2) all secured spots on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Canoe/Kayak Team. The C-2 combo of Hurd & Larimer made it to the final, placing 9th in their class in the International event.
May 2012
On May 4 the Upper Kern at Kernville was running about 1600-1700 cfs. Both the Upper Kern and Lower Kern were over 1000 cfs on May 24.
April 2012
A combination of late season Sierra snow and 90 degree April temps results in excellent weather and water for the 48th Kern River Festival. The Kern River was at a nearly ideal level at Riverside Park, ranging from about 1400 cfs on Saturday to 1700 cfs on Sunday. Brush Creek was at about 1.5 on the gage for the races on Saturday and headed up toward 2 in the late afternoon. The Kern River at Kernville peaked on Monday April 23rd, reaching an hourly stage of 7.33 and flow of 1986 cfs at 1:00 pm. April 24th the average daily flow at Kernville peaked at 1805 cfs and the average daily inflow to Isabella (including the South Fork) peaked at 1947 cfs.
March 2012
Storm adds about 1.5 to 2 inches snow water equivalent to the Kern basin snowpack
February 2012
Series of shortwaves forecast to bring some snow to the Sierra.
January 2012
Up to about 5 inches SWE in the Kern basin, or about 40 inches of snow. Johnsondale RAWS (4700') records 5.4 inches of precipitation, much of it rain. Upper pops up to about 1700 cfs at Riverside Park Saturday afternoon. Runoff pushes Brush Creek up to around 3.


December 2011
Lake Isabella Storage at 167,973 acre-feet.
November 2011
Flows on Upper and Lower below 500 cfs.
October 2011
Lower Kern still above 1000 cfs.
September 2011
Lower Kern at around 1600 cfs and Upper Kern still above 500 cfs at the beginning of the month.
August 2011
COE river gage in Riverside Park returned to service with a temporary repair. Spencer Josif and Evan Moore fguest instruct "Erin & Cory", the Up for Anything girls from Arbor Mist.
July 2011
There was still snow on 9909' Sherman Peak on July 4th, and much more at the higher elevations of the Sierra. As a result flows on the Upper Kern this week have been comparable to the big El Nino season of 1998. On July 7 at noon the flow at Riverside Park was reported at 5244 cfs. In 1998 on the same day the Upper hit 4977 cfs. COE river gage in Riverside Park is being serviced and will be unavailable until around August 1st.
June 2011
According to Corps of Engineers data the Kern at Kernville reached a preliminary hourly peak of 7049 cfs on June 16 at noon. The average daily inflow to Isabella also reached a peak of 6445 cfs, and the average daily flow at Kernville a peak of 5849 cfs.
May 2011
California Cooperative Snow Surveys' reports Kern May Snow Course measurements at 176% of normal. May 1 Bulletin 120 projects April-July runoff to be 186% of normal. This is the largest projected runoff since the El Nino of 1997-1998.
April 2011
Kern snowpack reported at a monster 195% of normal. This is not only the biggest April 1 snowpack during a La Nina over the past 60 years, it is nearly as big as the Kern snowpack during the record-setting El Nino of 1997-1998, and is the 6th biggest Kern snowpack overall since 1950! Great weather and water for the 47th Kern River Festival. Saturday, Brush Creek was around 3 on the gauge, and the juicy flow was excellent for both the Downriver and Extreme Slalom. On Saturday afternoon the Upper Kern at Riverside Park was about 2250 cfs for the Hooligan Build Your Own Boat competition, and then went up to about 2800 cfs for the Tom Johnson Slalom on Sunday.
March 2011
Raft trips and kayaking classes begin.Upper Kern already over 1000 cfs. California Cooperative Snow Surveys March Snow Course measurements put Kern snowpack at 152% of normal for March 1, and 136% of the normal seasonal (April 1) total.
February 2011
Mean River Gene (Geno Hacker) and Whitewater Whitman (Lucian Whitman) are co-winners of the annual Whisky Flat Mayor's race! California Cooperative Snow Surveys completes the first Kern snow survey of 2010-2011 season. Despite mostly dry and warm weather in recent weeks, the February 1 Kern snowpack was measured at a remarkable 211% of normal for the date and 129% of the normal seasonal (April 1) total!
January 2011
Volunteers do an initial survey for Kernville Riverside Park Renovation Project. Summary of Snow Water Equivalents from California Cooperative Snow Surveys put the Southern Section Sierra Snowpack at 227% of normal for the date. This translates to around 100% of the normal seasonal (April 1) snowpack.


December 2010
Kern River peaks at over 21,000 cfs, and in the same series of storms records the water equivalent of 180 inches of snow. Statewide Summary of Snow Water Content pegs the Southern Section Sierra at 287% of normal for Dec 23. Over the 7-day period from late on December 16 to December 23, the Pascoes snow sensor at 9150 ft. in the Kern River basin records an astonishing 18.5 inches SWE of precipitation. December 2010 one of the wettest on record in Southern California.
November 2010
California Cooperative Snow Surveys reports the Southern Section Sierra snow water content at 148% of normal. Snow sensors in the Kern River basin record about 1.0 to 2.5 inches snow water equivalent in the first big storm of the 2010-2011 season
October 2010
Early snow in the Sierra. Great weather and water for the Miracle Whitewater Slalom race. Thanks to the efforts of firefighters, the Canyon Fire was 100% contained. MEI plunges from the fifth strongest El Nino for Feb/Mar to the second strongest La Nina for Jul/Aug.
September 2010
Boatable flows continue on Lower Kern. Canyon Fire burns 9820 acres on Lower Kern. La Nina strengthens. Expected to last through Winter.
August 2010
Excellent flows on Lower Kern, generally ranging from about 1700 - 2000 cfs.
July 2010
Best July flow on Upper Kern in years. On July 16 the Upper Kern reported at 1420 cfs, and Lower Kern at 2091 cfs. 7th Annual Lower Kern River Cleanup. Bull Fire burns 6 homes at Riverkern.
June 2010
Kern River at Kernville (Riverside Park) peaks at a flow of 8662 cfs and stage of 10.31 ft. on Sunday, June 6, at 10:00 a.m. This is the highest peak flow from May/June seasonal snowmelt since at least 1986.
May 2010
California Cooperative Snow Surveys reports Kern snowpack at 144% of normal for the date. Cool May weather extends the snowmelt. California-Nevada River Forecast Center pushes back its projected 24 hour peak inflow into Lake Isabella to June 9.
April 2010
California Cooperative Snow Surveys reports the Kern snowpack at 123% of the average April 1 seasonal total. 46th Kern River Festival had the best combination of weather and water the event has seen for several years. First annual Hooligan Boat Race. California-Nevada River Forecast Center projects the 24 hour inflow into Lake Isabella will peak May 29, with an average flow of about 6000 cfs.
March 2010
Kayaking classes and raft trips begin. California Cooperative Snow reports the Kern snowpack at 130% of the March 1 norm, and 116% of the average April 1 seasonal total. Upper Kern flow hits 1000 cfs before the end of the month.
February 2010
California Cooperative Snow Surveys reports the Kern snowpack at 132% of normal for the date, and 81% of the average (April 1) seasonal total.
January 2010
Series of storms reminiscent of the big El Nino years dumps rain and snow on California. Kern Snowpack doubles during the month. Southern Section Sierra snowpack reported at 125%.


December 2009
MJO strengthens El Nino. Series of storms dumps 2 to 5 ft. on snow in Kern River basin.
November 2009
Kern River Fly Fishing shop and Sierra South sponsor annual Upper Kern River cleanup. NOAA Winter Outlook favors wetter than average conditions in California.
October 2009
Strong early season Pacific storm carrying the remnants of West Pacific typhoon Melor hammers California, setting numerous rainfall records, increasing river flows, and producing heavy snow at the higher elevations of the Sierra. Several stations recorded precipitation totals exceeding 10 inches. The Kaweah River at Three Rivers peaked at over 20,000 cfs. In the upper Kern River drainage, precipitation totals generally ranged from 3 to 5 inches. All the rain and snow popped the Upper Kern up to near 3000 cfs. El Nino forecast to strengthen and last through Winter
September 2009
"Team Jackson" and 2010 All Star big winners at ICF Freestyle World Championships in Thun, Switzerland
August 2009
With the excellent flows on the Lower Kern, Evan Moore and Spencer Josif have been giving their new 2010 All Stars a good workout at the KRT and Royal Flush playspots.
July 2009
6th Annual Lower Kern River Cleanup. Flows of 1400-1550 cfs on Lower Kern.
June 2009
Forest Service boaters meeting. Paddling the new 2010 Jackson All Star, Evan Moore, 13 yr. old son of Tom & Kittie Moore, placed 1st in the Cadet class at the 61st Annual FIBARK Kayak Races in Salida, Colorado. Flow on Upper Kern in 1000-1400 cfs range most of the month.
May 2009
Kern peaks on Monday, May 18. At 1:00 p.m. at a reported stage of 8.28 and flow of 3382 cfs. Evan Moore, Spencer Josif, and Robert "Swanie" Swan -- all Kern paddlers -- travel up Hwy 395 on the East side of the Sierra to Reno to compete in the 6th annual Reno River Festival.
April 2009
Nick Wilkening qualifies for the 2009 U.S. Whitewater Slalom Junior National Team. Temps were in the eighties and the flow at Kernville about 750-800 cfs for the 45th Kern River Festival.
March 2009
snow water content in the Kern River basin is about 88% of normal for the date, up significantly from February's average of 65%. The Spring thaw is starting to happen, and at 11:00 this morning, the Upper Kern was up to about 750 cfs! A cold storm digging down from the north is forecast to bring heavy snow to the mid and higher elevations of the Sierra Saturday afternoon into Sunday.
February 2009
Since February 5th, a series of upper lows, troughs and shortwaves has produced several feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada. Southern Section Sierra Snowpack has increased from 64% to 84% of normal for the date.
January 2009
A 200 kt Pacific jet stream pushes up a high amplitude ridge over the West Coast, resulting in dry conditions and record high temperatures. NOAA released their 2008-2009 Winter Outlook. The precipitation outlook for December through February indicates an equal chance of below normal, near normal, or above normal precipitation for California.


December 2008
Pumpkin kayak. Intense upper level low generates heavy snow in the Southern Sierra. Kern snowpack ends year at or above 100% of normal.
November 2008
MEI and GWO suggest a Winter Outlook with a La Nina flavor. NOAA releases official Winter Outlook.
October 2008
Recent MEI values are similar to those leading up to the 1974-75 season. Circulation around a deep low and associated trough is drawing moisture up from the subtropics into California and across the Sierra, producing some light rain and snow.
September 2008
Jackson Kayak Star series wins 10 out of 15 medals overall in the 2008 Freestyle World Cup
August 2008
Lower Kern at 1495 cfs on August 11.
July 2008
Paddler Magazine selects Kernville as one of the 'Best Paddling Towns' in the U.S. KVRC sponsered 5th Annual Lower Kern River Cleanup. Upper Kern drops below 1000 cfs. Lower Kern releases range from about 1100 cfs to 1500 cfs. Evan Moore on the Ottawa.
June 2008
Stein Beals and Jessica Subido qualify for the USACK Whitewater Slalom National Junior Team. Paddlers on the Forks report that the rapid Vortex has changed. Flow on Upper Kern in 1300-1500 cfs range most of the month.
May 2008
As forecast by the California-Nevada River Forecast Center, the average 24 hour inflow to Lake Isabella peaked on Tuesday, May 20, at 3553 cfs. According to revised COE data the Kern River at Kernville peaked at 1:00 p.m. on May 20 with an average hourly flow of 4078 cfs.
April 2008
2007-2008 Kern April 1 snowpack reported at 118%. Blue skies, sunshine and gusty winds were the weather cards drawn for the 44th Kern River Kayak & Raft Festival.
March 2008
California Cooperative Snow Surveys reports the Kern River Basin snowpack at a whopping 148% of normal for March 1. Upper Kern at Kernville reported at 980 cfs on March 26.
February 2008
February 1 Kern snow courses reported at 142% of normal. As much as 6 inches snow water equivalent -- about 5 ft. of snow -- recorded by snow sensors in the Kern River basin.
January 2008
Series of storms increase the Southern Section Sierra Snowpack to 131% of normal. Near the end of January in a La Niña year and the Southern Section of the Sierra snowpack is reported at 125% of normal!


December 2007
Storm dumps as much as 4 inches snow water equivalent (SWE) at the middle elevations of the Kern River basin. Storm adds another 1.0 to 2.0 inches snow water equivalent (SWE) to the Kern River basin snowpack Southern Sierra ends 2007 with the snowpack at about 74% of normal -- ahead of the Northern section at 65% and Central section at about 53% of normal. More snow forecast.
November 2007
Clear and breezy weather is forecast for the Sierra this Thanksgiving, with lows in the teens in the colder locations. Medium range models are hinting at a chance of some snow around the end of the month.
October 2007
Update CPC forecast still shows La NIna pattern.
September 2007
La Nina precipitation pattern is forecast. Unseasonably strong upper level low produced some snow at higher elevations of the Sierra.
July 2007
Lower water boater options.
June 2007
Flow at Kernville 668 on June 1.
May 2007
The Kern at Kernville peaks at a stage of 6.30 and a flow of 1100 cfs on Saturday May 19, with a reported average inflow to Isabella of 1017 cfs.
April 2007
Despite gloom and doom forecasts for bad weather, much of the weekend was partly cloudy and rain free, and those who participated in the 43rd Kern River Kayak & Raft Festival had a great time.
March 2007
Raft Trips and Kayaking Classes start with temperatures in the Kernville-Lake Isabella area expected to be in the 70's.
February 2007
Moisture wrapping around an upper level low produces some snow in the Southern Sierra.
January 2007
The US Forest Service issues Sierra South permit to expand operations on Upper Kern and the Forks.


December 2006
The 2006-2007 El Niño has continued to strengthen. Dr. Klaus Wolter's Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) for October/November increased from 1.03 to 1.29. This moves the MEI above the strong El Niño threshold. precipitation outlook for Jan.-Feb.-Mar. continues to reflect the expected impacts from the current El Niño.

November 2006

The 2006-2007 El Niño has continued to strengthen. Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) for September/October increased from 0.892 to 1.03. NOAA released its final Winter Outlook for the 2006-2007 U.S. Winter season.
October 2006
Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) for August/September increased to 0.892. Updated Winter Outlook.
September 2006
Lower Kern at 742 cfs on Sept. 1.
August 2006
MEI Index has increased dramatically in the past three months to 0.64, which is above the MEI threshold for a weak El Niño
July 2006
Excellent flows on the Upper and Lower Kern.
June 2006
Warmer, summer-like weather is melting more Sierra snow and pushing flows back up. COE reports a peak stage and flow on the Kern at Kernville of 9.78 ft. and 7203 cfs on June 6.
May 2006
Kern at Kernville peaks at 9.82 ft. and 7588 cfs on May 15. Late season storm resulted in heavy snow in some higher elevation areas of the Kern River basin.
April 2006
Pascoes SWE increases from 24" to 40". Southern Section of the Sierra at 169% of normal for the date. Bulletin 120 run-off forecast projects the inflow to Lake Isabella should range from about 130% to 160% of normal. 2000 cfs for 42nd Kern River Kayak & Raft Festival.
March 2006
Late season Sierra snow. Southern Section Sierra reported at about 119% of normal.

February 2006

Unseasonably warm winter temperatures. NOAA announces return of La Nina. Southern Section Sierra reported at about 101% of normal for date.
January 2006
Snow sensors in Kern basin record snow water equivalent storm totals in excess of 7 inches. Regional Snowpack Summary reports the Southern Section of the Sierra at 195%.


December 2005
Strong storm systems expected to produce epic amounts of precipitation in the Sierra.
November 2005
Conveyor belt of moisture results in heavy snow at the higher elevations of Sierra. NOAA and IRI project "equal chance" of a dry, average, or wet Winter in Southern California.
October 2005
NOAA released its initial Winter Outlook.
September 2005
Flows on Lower Kern best in years. Paddling the Kern Below Democrat. Sierra Cup Slalom Series.
August 2005
U.S., Canada, and the Americas compete in the Kern Tripletazo (Big Triple) at Miracle Hot Springs. Rebecca & Eric Giddens, and friends paddle the "Headwaters of the Kern"
July 2005
Headwaters panorama. Upper Kern flow ends month at about 1000 cfs.
June 2005
Isabella nearly full at 536,100 acre-feet. Upper Kern flow 3000-5000 cfs. Lower Kern at about 3500 cfs.
May 2005
Kern River basin snowpack 186% of normal May 1 total. Los Angeles has second wettest rain season on record. Brush Creek race video. Upper Kern peaks at 8211 cfs.
April 2005
Cool temps and unsettled weather increase Kern snowpack from 163% of normal on March 1 to 184% of normal on April 1. Kern Gold Medal Camp. 41st Kern River Kayak & Raft Festival. Unofficial Brush Creek Race. Upper at 1700 cfs.
March 2005
"Big year" snowfall comparison.Kern River basin snowpack163% of normal for March 1 and 145% of the average April 1 seasonal total. Kernville temp reaches 85, Upper at 1000 cfs.
February 2005
Most snow water content for February 1, since February 1997. Wettest rainy season in 115 years in Los Angeles.
January 2005
Epic series of Pacific storms. Sierra South Section at 251% of normal for the date and 104% of the April 1 average. Southern California streams go ballistic


December 2004
Kern River basin snowpack at about 120% of normal for the date and 25% of the average seasonal total. El Niño takes a modest upturn -- Multivariate ENSO Index increases from 0.54 to 0.83.
November 2004
Kern River basin snowpack way above normal for the date.
October 2004
NOAA Winter Outlook released. Big early season storm dumps 2 to 5 feet of snow in Sierra.
September 2004
Giddens paddling clinic. Experts continue to expect weak El Nino. Above average precipitation forecast. Keith Kishiyama wins Sierra Cup.
August 2004
Rebecca Giddens wins Silver Medal at Athens Olympics! Weak to moderate El Nino possible. Miracle Slalom.
July 2004
Diversions on the Kern River. Flow study on Lower Kern.
June 2004
Rebecca Giddens Olympics Weenie Roast. Kern flow forecast.
May 2004
Upper Kern peaks at 2074 cfs on May 5.
April 2004
40th Kern River Kayak & Raft Festival.
March 2004
Kern snowpack above 100%.
February 2004
Dry weather into mid-month then pattern change brings series of storms to Sierra.
January 2004
Sierra starts the New Year with a great snowpack. Dry January over much of state. (See Jan 2002 & 2003.)


December 2003
Active December weather pattern. Christmas storm hammers Sierra.
November 2003
Dry long lead seasonal precipitation forecast.
October 2003
First snow in Kern River basin. SST warmer than normal. 2003-2004 Winter Outlook.
September 2003
Precipitation Outlook for December, January & February.
August 2003
Development of La Nina stalls. Thunderstorms increase flow on Upper Kern.
July 2003
Paddling flow study on Dam Run.
June 2003
Daily average inflow to Lake Isabella peaks at 3925 cfs. Highest levels from snowmelt since 1998. ICF Wildwater World Cups.
May 2003
Cool Spring weather and additional snow increases projected flows. Short Term Snowmelt Forecast. Kern at Kernville above 3400 cfs at end of month.
April 2003
39th Kern River Kayak & Raft Festival
March 2003
Moderate to heavy rain and snow in the Sierra. Upper Kern jumps to over 1000 cfs. Brush Creek sediment.
February 2003
Dry weather continues. Snowpack at about 80% of normal for date.
January 2003
Paul Armes and the new Transformer. Snowpack above normal to start the year. What happened to El Nino? Dry January over much of state. (See Jan 2002.)


December 2002
High elevation snowpack above normal for the date.
November 2002
Johnsondale records 16.4 inches of rain. Upper Kern River peaks at Kernville at 26,500 cfs.
October 2002
Moderate warm episode El Niño conditions continue.Long Lead Precipitation Forecast shows increased probability of above average precipitation in Southern California
September 2002
McNally Fire100% contained at 150,696 acres Weak to moderate El Nino returns.
August 2002
Rebecca Giddens wins Womens K1 at World Canoe-Kayak Slalom Championship at Bourg St Maurice, France. McNally Fire at 150,420 acres
July 2002
Kern Headwaters from Grasshopper Flat. Delonegha Boat Launch and River Access was officially opened. McNally Fire starts near Road's End Resort.
June 2002
Hot weather. new peaks of 1856 cfs (5.06 ft.) at 1:00 pm on May 31, and then again at 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm on June 1. The day with the highest average flow was June 1, with a flow of 1744 cfs.
May 2002
Roller coaster ride of temperatures and flows. Tom Johnson and the Haystackers. Peak of 1796 cfs at 2:00 PM on Saturday May 18. The day with highest average flow appears to have been Sunday, May 19, with an average of 1664 cfs.
April 2002
Eric Jackson and Amy Jimmerson win Kern River Festival Whitewater Pro Freestyle. Scott Parsons and Rebecca Giddens win Southwestern Regional Slalom Team Trial Qualifier.
March 2002
Northern Sierra snowpack at 100%, the Central Sierra at 94%, and the Southern Sierra at 83% for March 25.
February 2002
What are you going to paddle this year?
January 2002
Dry January over much of state.


December 2001
Winter season off to its fastest start since the mid-eighties. Series of warm storms in late December.
November 2001
Several early season storms. Upper Kern hits 1400 cfs.
October 2001
NOAA/CPC has releases Winter Outlook for 2001-2002
September 2001
August 2001
Interactive kayak comparison chart introduced.
July 2001
Strong thunderstorms push Upper Kern to over 1000 cfs.
June 2001
Info on Kern flow data.
May 2001
Upper Kern peaks at 2621 cfs.
April 2001
37th Kern River Festival. Western Regional Slalom Team Trials Qualifier Head to head raft and kayak races.
March 2001
Statewide snowpack increases from 7% in January to 85% in March
February 2001
Wet pattern increases snowpack.
January 2001
"Great Kern Basin Snow Comebacks"


December 2000
What is an "average" snowpack?

November 2000

New 2001 Wave Sport Kayaks. Kayaker Rudy Garcia-Tolson. California Film Commission award.

October 2000

Winter Outlook for 2000-2001

September 2000

15th Annual End of Summer Sale.

August 2000

Olympic Team paddles the Kern. US Whitewater Slalom & Wildwater Nationals

July 2000

1500 cfs being released to the Lower Kern at Borel

June 2000

Free Whitewater Kayak & Recreational/Touring Kayak Demo Days

May 2000

Upper Kern peaks at 3462 cfs.

April 2000

36th Kern River Festival

March 2000

Sports Afieldselects Kernville the #1 "Outdoor Sports Town" in California and the #1 paddling community in the U.S.

February 2000

One of the wettest Februarys on record! Snowpack jumps to 100% of normal for date.

January 2000

Y2K is OK. Month starts out dry amd ends wet. Tioga Pass was open on New Years Day!


December 1999

One of the driest Decembers on record. La Nina contiues.

November 1999

Black Canyon River Trip.

October 1999

Low water boating pics and info.

September 1999

14th Annual End of the Summer Sale. Releases to Lower 500-760 cfs.

August 1999

Releases to Lower 1000-1200 cfs.

July 1999

Releases to Lower 1200-1300 cfs.

June 1999

Hot temps, low water. KR3 diversion.

May 1999

Kern Peaks at 2265 cfs, Beman and Vernon Get Married, Kern Festival Photos

April 1999

Short Term Snowmelt Forecast, Kern River Festival, Cool Temperatures, Low Flows

March 1999

Latest Snow Sensor Report. Dagger Medieval Pictures. California Kayak Camp. Early Bird Kayaking.

February 1999

New Boat Comparisons. Yosemite's Webcam. La Niña's Effects on Snowpack.

January 1999

Riot Glide and Mr. Clean pictures. Riverside Park snow. Forest Service User Fees.


December 1998 Dagger Medieval preview. Forest Service User Fees. Isabella Dam Releases.
November 1998 Kayak Comparison Chart. Used Boat Barn and New Boat Barn. High Fall Releases from Lake Isabella.
October 1998 Revised KR3 License Conditions. Rancheria Road Run. Forest Service User Fees.
September 1998 Sierra South End of Season Sale. Home Improvement Goes Rafting on the Kern. Forks of the Kern. Fairview Dam.
August 1998 Private Boaters Use Fees. La Nina's Effects on the Kern River Drainage.
July 1998 National Recreation Use Fees. Swimming without PFD's.
June 1998 Peak runoff following the largest El Niño on Record. Whitewater Wednesday.
May 1998 Unseasonably wet weather.
April 1998 1998 Kern River Festival preliminary results. Kern Road Conditions. Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.
March 1998 Water Supply Data and Runoff Forecast. El Niño's effects on Sierra snowpack.
February 1998 Snow-water equivalents for the 1997-98 El Niño. Start of Boatable Flows. Persistent February storms.
January 1998 Southern Sierra Weather. Snowpack Surveys. Ensemble Forecasts. Upper Kern Runs.


December 1997 US National Whitewater Slalom Team. Special Lower Kern Releases. Sierra Weather.
November 1997 Hobo to Democrat run. Ideal Fall Releases. Heavy Rainfall throughout the Southern Sierra.
October 1997 No Diversions at Borel Powerplant. Kern below Democrat. The Dam run.
September 1997 Sierra South's End of Season Sale. Hurricane Nora. Ideal Lower Kern Flows.
August 1997 Strongest El Niño on Record. Fairview Dam diversion. Ideal Lower Kern Runs.
July 1997 KR3 Powerplant Relicensing. Fairview Dam diversions.
June 1997 Sierra weather systems and their effects on Kern River runoff.
May 1997 Kern River Flow peaks at Lake Isabella. Short Term Snowmelt Forecasts.
April 1997 Driest April on record. Ideal water levels for Kern Festival. Cool Spring weather.
March 1997 Lake Isabella storage. Early Spring Runoff. Peak Runoff Forecasts.
February 1997 'Stick' readings versus 'Electronic' readings. Start of Spring Runoff. Early Season Snowpack Measurements.
January 1997 Snowpack comparisons to the very wet year of 1983. Dynamic temperature fluctuations. 100-year floods up north. Beginning of 'Rivernotes.'

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